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Coag-Sense Professional PT INR Meter (50 free test


Coag-Sense Professional PT INR Meter (50 free test
(1 Analyzer + 50 Test Kit)
The Coag-Sense Professional PT INR Monitoring System is a FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived analyzer for professional use. Comes with a one-year warranty. INR range: 0.8-8.0, 1 drop of 10 µL blood. (FDA 510K #: K093243)



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Accurate results in less than a minute
The Coag-Sense professional meter directly measures the prothrombin time, so the time required to perform a test is the actual prothrombin time in seconds. By not using look-up tables or curve fitting algorithms, the Coag-Sense meter offers both speed and accuracy.

Superb Precision
Coag-Sense's patented micro mechanical detection system delivers superb precision and reliability. Professionals testing with the Coag-Sense system have demonstrated %CV's of 2.5%. Unlike electrochemical detection based devices, the Coag-Sense system does not rely on the concentration of blood constituents not involved in clot formation to produce results. This improves precision and reduces variability in readings often seen in other systems.

Red Blood Cells Not Required
Because the Coag-Sense system uses a micro mechanical means of clot detection instead of electrochemical, re-calcified plasma control strips can be run as easily as whole blood. This also means that the Coag-Sense system is not affected by low hemoglobin or hematocrit levels, a common source of inaccurate results in systems using current to detect clot formation.

Small sample size (10 µl minimum) for easy dosing
Only 10µl of fingerstick sample is required to run the Coag-Sense system. To reduce strip waste caused by unsteady hands, sample is easily transferred from the patient's finger to the test strip using the minipipette or sample transfer tubes provided.

Offers true controls using the actual thromboplastin and plasma
The purpose of quality control testing for a prothrombin time test system is to verify the integrity of both device and reagent performance. Coag-Sense is the first system to offer true high and low control strips which contain the same thromboplastin used in the patient test strip along with plasma of known INR. There is no substitute for confirming performance of the actual thromboplastin used in the patient test strips.

Other Benefits of the Coag-Sense System Include:

  • Portable, yet stable design
  • Barcoding on each test strip - no calibration code input or chip required
  • No test strip refrigeration required
  • No electrodes to clean or worry about
  • Enclosed detection wheel in each strip eliminates cross contamination risk
  • AC powered or battery powered for convenience
  • Testing, treatment and potential revenue capture in one appointment


  • 1-Coag-Sense Professional PT/INR Meter
  • 1-Coag-Sense Professional User Manual
  • 1-Coag-Sense Professional Quick Reference Guide
  • 12-Lancets, auto single, normal depth
  • MiniPipette, single Pack
  • Pipette Tips, 1-200 µL, 96, rack
  • 4-AA Alkaline Batteries
  • A/C Power Adapter
  • Warranty card


  • FDA-Cleared/CLIA-waived
  • 1 drop 10 µL capillary blood minimum
  • Sampling method: 21g single-use autolancet; micropipette/transfer tube
  • Room temperature test strip storage
  • Direct clot detection principle; measures actual time required for clotting
  • INR Range: 0.8-8.0
  • ISI ~1.0
  • Prothrombin Time (PT): 8-80 seconds
  • Analysis time: < 1 minute
  • QC: External, true controls
  • Memory: 100 tests
  • Barcoded test strips: Yes (no codes to input)
  • Power Source: 4 AA batteries/AC adapter
  • Warranty: 1 year w/immediate replacement
  • Size: 3 x 6.5 x 5.75 in.
  • Weight: 1.2 lb. (with batteries)

2016* CPT Code(s):


85610QW (Medicare) Prothrombin Time: Aid in screening for congenital deficiencies of Factor II, V, VII, and, X; screen for deficiency of Prothrombin; evuluate effects of herapin, Coumadin or warfarin; screen for Vitamin K deficiency.  National Average $5.36.