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    • Bauerfeind

  • Alcohol Testing
      - AlcoScreen
      - BreathScan
      - QED A150
      - Breathalyzers
      - Home Alcohol Tests

  • Adulteration

  • Basic Metabolic Status
      - I-STAT Controls
      - Piccolo

  • Cancer Screening

  • Cardiac Marker

  • CBC (Hematology) Systems
      - Abbott Cell-Dyn 1800
      - ABX Micros 60 +Lite DM
      - Coulter Diff AcT
      - Horiba ABX Pentra 60 C+
      - Mindray BC 3200
      - Medonic M-series
      - Sysmex KX-21N
      - Sysmex pocH-100i
      - Sysmex XS-1000i

  • Chemistry Analyzers
      - i-STAT
      - Piccolo Xpress
      - Olympus
      - Smart Assay System
      - Tosoh
      - ACE Analyzers
      - Controls & Cals

  • Chlamydia Testing

  • Cholesterol
      - Cholestech LDX Cassettes
      - Cholestech LDX Supplies
      - CardioChek-Medical
      - CardioChek-Home
      - CardioChek PLUS

  • CLIA Proficiency Testing Materials

  • CLIA Waived Drug Tests

  • CLIA Waived Products from Innovacon

  • Creatinine Testing-Portable Handheld Testing

  • Data Services

  • Diabetes
      - Bayer Breeze
      - Bayer Contour
      - NEW! GE-100 Meter
      - Bionime Series
      - Diabetes Supplies
      - On-Call Plus

  • Diabetes (A1c Testing)

  • Drug Test Cards
      - ACON (Cards and Cups)
      - Buprenorphine
      - CLIA Waived Drug Testing
      - Fastect II Drug Testing
      - Fastect Drug Testing
      - Generic Drug Test Cards
      - Instant-View Test Cards
      - K2 Spice Drug Test
      - Marijuana Drug Test
      - Oxycodone Drug Test
      - Propoxyphene (CLIA waived)
      - QuickTox Drug Test
      - Triage

  • Drug Testing Controls

  • Drug Test Cups
      - CLIAwaived, Inc. IDTC
      - CLIAwaived, Inc Cup
      - DrugCheck Cup
      - EZ Split Drug Test Cup
      - iCup - One Step Cup
      - QuikScreen Drug Test Cup
      - ToxCup
      - Collection Cups/Supplies
      - Buprenorphine Cups

  • Drug Test (Saliva)

  • Drug Test (Hair)

  • Electrolyte Testing
      - OPTI LION
      - Easy Electrolytes

  • Fecal Occult Blood FOB Rapid Testing

  • Fisher HealthCare Lab Supply

  • Flu Test

  • Glucose Testing
      - Professional Testing
      - Home Testing

  • Hemocue Supplies
      - HemoCue Controls

  • Hemoglobin Testing
      - HemoCue
      - Stat-Site
      - HemoPoint (Alere)
      - HemoPoint (Original)
      - Pronto
      - Mission Plus

  • Hepatitis HCV Testing

  • Herpes (HSV-2) Testing

  • Homocysteine Test

  • HPLC Supplies
      - HPLC Equipment
      - HPLC Solvents/Chemicals
      - HPLC Sample Preparation
      - HPLC Safety Supplies
      - HPLC Lab Supplies

  • H. pylori Testing

  • hsCRP

  • Infectious Disease Test

  • Influenza Testing

  • iScreen Drug Testing Kits

  • Ketone Test Strip

  • Lab Testing

  • Lead Testing

  • Linearity Materials

  • Medical Supplies
      - Digital Dry Baths
      - Oakton Instruments
      - Centrifuges
      - Collection Supplies
      - Transport Tubes

  • MicroAlbumin Testing

  • Mono Test

  • Monthly Specials Drug Test Kits

  • Monthly Specials Clinical Tests

  • Nebulizers

  • Nicotine Test
      - iScreen Saliva
      - NicCheck
      - SmokeCheck

  • Ovulation Test

  • Oximeters

  • Pregnancy Test
      - CLIAwaived, Inc.
      - Generic
      - Instant View
      - Quidel
      - SAS

  • Prothrombin Monitoring
      - Professionals
      - Hemosense InRatio
      - Coagucheck XS
      - Home Use PT/INR Products

  • Reagents (Chemistry)
      - MGC 240
      - Olympus Analyzers
      - Olympus Reagents
      - Beckman Coulter Synchron
      - Pain Management

  • Reagents (Hematology)
      - Medonic
      - Mindray
      - Clinical Diagnostic Solutions
      - Abbott Cell-Dyn

  • Renal Function

  • RSV Test

  • STD Testing

  • Strep A Test

  • Thrombophilia Test

  • Thyroid Testing

  • Urinalysis
      - CLIA Auto Urinalysis System
      - CLIAwaived, Inc. Strips
      - Siemens (Bayer) Multistix
      - Hycor Kova Controls
      - Mission Urinalysis

  • Vaginalis Testing (Infectious)

  • Virus Testing

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Suite 25/26
San Diego, CA 92121
858-481-5031 tel
801-720-7568 fax
Toll Free 1-888-882-7739


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Bayer A1CNow Multi-Test A1C System

Bayer A1CNow+ Multi-Test System
Bayer A1CNow+ Multi-Test System
The A1CNow® Multi-Test A1C System is a handheld portable testing monitor that provides A1C results at point of care. The product is intended for physicians' offices and clinics that manage patients with diabetes. Rapid results in 5 minutes FDA 510K#: K020235. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Promo includes a FREE bottle of our CLIAwaived, Inc Auto Urinalysis Test Strips (#CLIA-U031-103-111). NOTE: Refrigerated item; please select 2nd-day air shipping on check out.
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Women's Health Promotion

Women's Health Promotion
Women's Health Promotion
(1 Package) $500 IN SAVINGS!
LIMITED TIME OFFER! Get a complete Women's Health Package. Includes: One box (20 tests) of ThyroChek rapid hypothyroidism tests- a $169.95 value; HemoCue Glucose Analyzer + 100 tests- a $599.95 value; one bottle of 100 urinalysis dipsticks- a $19.95 value; one bottle of 100 glucose/protein test strips- a $10.30 value; and one box (25 tests) of pregnancy test cards- an $18.95 value. The retail cost is $820, but your cost is $319.95! It's a savings of $500!
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LeadCare II Blood Lead Test System

LeadCare II Test System
LeadCare II Test System
(1 System + 48 Tests)
Limited time offer! Get a free printer and a free box of 48 test strips--a $600 value! The LeadCare II analyzer is a CLIA-waived system for the determination of lead in blood. The analyzer kit consists of the portable blood-lead testing instrument, AC power cord, AA batteries, User's Guide (English and Spanish), Quick Reference Guide, instructional video, and CDC blood collection video.
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BINAX Now Influenza A/B Test Kit

BINAX Now Influenza A/B
BINAX Now Influenza A/B
(66 flu tests + promotional items)
This 15-minute test has excellent sensitivity and specificity to aid in the rapid differential diagnosis of influenza type A and B viral infections. FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived. BUY 3 BOXES, GET 1 FREE BOX OF STREP A TESTS (30 TESTS) AND 1 FREE BOX OF CLIAWAIVED URINALYSIS TEST STRIPS (100 TESTS). MORE THAN $75 IN FREE PRODUCTS!
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tsh thyroid stimulating hormone

ThyroChek TSH
ThyroChek TSH
(20 Tests) Controls NOT included
ThyroChek tests for elevated thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in whole blood. It requires one drop of blood from a finger stick or venous draw. Results in 10 min. FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived. (FDA 510K#: K990658) CALL FOR VOLUME DISCOUNTS!
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CLIAwaived, Inc. Rapid Drug Test Cup

CLIAwaived Inc. 12-Panel Rapid Drug Cup
CLIAwaived Inc. 12-Panel Rapid Drug Cup
The CLIAwaived, Inc. Rapid Drug Test Cup is the first-ever FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived 12-panel drug test cup with integrated adulteration testing. Exclusively marketed by, it features a simple design for simultaneous evaluation and detection of 12 drugs of abuse in urine--including THC, COC, OPI, AMP, mAMP, PCP, BAR, BZD, MTD, MDMA, TCA and OXY. Activate cup by turning once. Read results at 5 minutes. In-stock; ships immediately. CALL FOR VOLUME PRICING and PRICE MATCH OPTIONS! (FDA 510K#: K052115) NOTE:This cup does not have adulterant test strips.
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Siemens CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer

(1 Analyzer) + 1 FREE bottle reagent strips
LIMITED TIME OFFER! The new Simens CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer features automatic checks for humidity exposure and identifies Siemens test strips, providing improved clinical information. Expand your options, with the broadest urine analyzer test menu! FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived. (FDA 510K#: K091216) Promo includes 1-FREE bottle of reagent strips... a $40 value!
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Coag-Sense PT/INR Professional System Promo

Coag-Sense Professional
Coag-Sense Professional
(1 Analyzer + 50 Test Kit)
The Coag-Sense Professional PT/INR Monitoring System is a FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived analyzer for professional use. Comes with a one-year warranty. INR range: 0.8-8.0, 1 drop of 10 µL blood. (FDA 510K #: K093243)
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Spotchem EZ Analyzer

Spotchem EZ Analyzer
Spotchem EZ Analyzer
(1 analyzer)
NEW! SpotChem provides advanced technology in automated dry chemistry testing. Get Creatinine and BUN results in 3 minutes. Tests up to 48 tests per hour; ideal for imaging labs needing immediate results. QA/QC material available and lowest per test price on the market. FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived. Exclusively offered online from!
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CLIA-URS-10 Urine Reagent Strips Promo
(3 Bottles of 100 Strips)
Buy 2 Boxes and Get 1 Free! The CLIA-10 Urine Reagent Strips for Urinalysis are comprehensive reagent urine test strips [...]

iCup One Step Drug Test Cup- 13 Panel
(25 Test Cups)
iCup One-Step Drug Test Cup- 13 Panel. One-step fully integrated iCup for detection of 13 major drugs of abuse in [...]

OraSure Q.E.D. A-150 Saliva Alcohol Test
(100 Tests) *NOW IN STOCK*
The OraSure Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol test is a non invasive test. The test provides results in 2-5 minutes, reads like a [...]

ALCO-Screen 02 Saliva Alcohol Tester Kits
ALCO-Screen 02 is the simplest, most cost effective method of monitoring for alcohol consumption in your Zero Tolerance [...]

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CardioChek Silver PA with Lipid Strips
(1 Analyzer + 15 FREE Lipid Tests)
A fast, portable and accurate whole blood test system designed to enable physicians to test for dyslipidemia and take [...]

CLIAwaived, Inc. Pregnancy Urine (Dip-Strip)
(50 Tests)
The CLIAwaived, Inc. Pregnancy Urine (Dip-Strip) test is a qualitative immunoassay for the detection of human chorionic [...]

CLIAwaived, Inc. Rapid TSH Cassette
(300 Tests) Controls NOT included)
IN STOCK-SHIPS IMMEDIATELY! (300 BULK TESTS) Introducing CLIAwaived, Inc. new Thyroid (TSH) Hormone Testing Kits. [...]

CLIAwaived, Inc 12-Panel IDTC Cup
(25 cups) NEW!
CLIAwaived, Inc 12-Panel Instant Drug Test Cup (IDTC) with Buprenorphine. This 12-panel, no-leak drug test cup includes [...]

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CLIAwaived, Inc 11-Panel IDTC Cup
(25 cups) NEW!
CLIAwaived, Inc 11-Panel Instant Drug Test Cup (IDTC). This 11-panel, no-leak drug test cup tests for AMP, BAR, BZO, [...]

Mission Plus Hemoglobin (Hb) Testing System
(1 Starter Kit + 100 Tests)
The Mission® Plus Hemoglobin (Hb) Testing System is desired for point-of-care testing. This handheld system [...]

Cholestech LDX Analyzer System Promo
(1 System +2 boxes of Lipid Tests-20 tests)
Cholestech LDX Analyzer System (1 system). Includes 1 LDX analyzer, 1 printer, 1 optic check cartridge, and 1 training [...]

CardioChek Plus Analyzer
The CardioChek Plus analyzer is a combination reflectance lipid and electrochemical glucose analyzer that delivers [...]

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iScreen 6-Panel Saliva Drug Test Device
(25 Tests)
Oral Drug Testing Kits, a rapid, screening test for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of Cocaine, Marijuana, [...]

LeadCare II Analyzer Kit
(1 Kit) - Lowest price Nationwide!
PROMO offer! Get 1 box of 48 tests free with purchase of meter ! Offer valid for sales in USA only! A $393-value [...]

HemoCue Hb 201+ Starter Promo
(1 Analyzer, 100 Cuvettes) PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY
LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER! Hb 201+ is the new and improved standard product. The system combines the precision and [...]

Bayer A1CNow+ Multi-Test System
(2 boxes of 20 Cartridges) IN STOCK; SHIPS IMMEDIATELY
The A1CNow® Multi-Test A1C System is a handheld portable testing monitor that provides A1C results at point [...]

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CLIAwaived Inc. Rapid Strep A Test
(300 tests) - 10 Boxes
NEW! The CLIAwaived⢠Inc. Rapid Strep A Test is a lateral-flow, membrane based immunoassay for the [...]

Fastect II K2 Spice Test
(50 tests)
Fastect II K2 Spice Test is a one-step drug screen dipstick test for the detection of synthetic marijuana in human [...]

CLIAwaived, Inc. 12-Panel Rapid Drug Test
(25 tests)
CLIAwaived, Inc. 12-Panel Rapid Dip Drug Test. Multiple drugs of abuse dip card that allows for easy mix and match of [...]

CLIAwaived, Inc. Rapid Drug Test Cup Promo
(25 Cups) BUY 6 BOXES, GET 1 FREE!
The CLIAwaived, Inc. Rapid Drug Test Cup is the first-ever FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived 12-panel drug test cup with [...]

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Rightest Blood Glucose Test Strips Meter PROMO
(15 boxes GS300 strips, 8 boxes lancets, 1 meter, 1 lancing pen)
Special Promo Offer! Save money on diabetic supplies and strips! The GS-300-15PROMO pack includes a FREE starter [...]

BinaxNOW Influenza A/B Test***
(5 boxes of 22 Tests) Limited time offer!
The BinaxNOW Influenza A & B test is an in vitro immunochromatographic assay to aid in the rapid differential [...]

NicCheck I Test Strips
(50 tests)
NicCheck I Test Strips may be used to detect nicotine and/or its metabolites in urine as an aid in indicating the [...]

CLIAwaived, Inc. BUP Single Dip Drug Test
(50 Tests) NEW!
NEW! CLIAwaived, Inc. Buprenorphine (BUP) Drug Screen Dipstick Test. FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived drug testing stick for [...]

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